Love is the soul’s Light~ Rumi

About Me

My spiritual journey began with my earliest memories of my connection to God and soul's existence before birth. Around the age of five I began having precognitive dreams and psychic abilities. As an empath and one who has been deeply wounded in my closest relationships, I understand the wounded soul. We all have injuries to our spirit that profoundly affect our life and relationships. My passion and calling are to help others find healing through the love, energy and knowledge that comes from Spirit, which we are all a part of. I combine my spiritual gifts, life experience and nursing background to compassionately facilitate healing and soul growth. As your soul heals, you remember your value and purpose - who God created you to be! You can then step fully into your amazing, authentic self and live out your boundless potential. It would be my honor to assist you on this journey. 






Throughout the time that I have known Rebecca I have always felt a sense of calm and vibrant love radiating from her. It was not until I started on my journey trying to find my own spiritual awakening that I started to understand that she truly has a vibration that resides on the highest level of love. I have asked her to assist me in many different forms of connecting with spirit guides, dream interpretation and Angelic Reiki healing. She has guided me through this incredible process in the most honest, transparent and loving way. Through her intuition and spiritual guidance, she is able to bring to light the missing link. She is amazing at what she does in so many areas, that I have personally experienced and it has changed my life, as well as my view and opinion of my spirituality. She is amazing in presence and you will not walk away feeling anything less than inspired to be a better version of yourself. Radiating love at its highest power! 



I love having healing sessions with Rebecca. I feel so peaceful and her insights are very accurate. Really helps me with my stress.



Working with Rebecca, a warm, welcoming intuitive, who readily connects with her Spiritual side and Guides, provided me with the most beautiful message, inspirational guidance and factual information that instantly resonated with me. This gave me the confidence I needed to take action in specific areas of my business and personal life where I was uncertain.


I experienced my first angelic Reiki healing with Rebecca recently. I felt so comforted by her gentle approach to sharing her channeled messages and healing from the  angelic realm. I received divine messages from angels and my mother, who recently crossed over to the spirit world. Mother’s messages carried her love and wishes for unity with my siblings. Not a surprise given my mother’s wish to keep us closely knit even through  her passing! I had been experiencing some back pain that was acknowledged and healed during my session. I felt calm and revitalized from our session. I recommend Rebecca to anyone who is looking for angel guided gentle healing! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts!